Is There a Connection between the Ozone Hole and Global Warming?

Ozone Hole and Global Warming are two different things. It would be wrong if anyone say – both these are same processes. By ozone hole, we mean the decrease of the ozone layer in stratospheric and other regions around the earth. Because of this thing, a large number of sun’s ultraviolet radiations reach to earth and cause various harmful effects. And global warming can be defined as the process of increase of earth’s temperature. The increase of temperature is greatly linked to the high amount of CO2 which is produced from human beings and from burning of plastics and other things. And about the question, ozone hole contributes only 5% to earth’s global warming. Read this article and learn about the Ozone Hole and Global Warming.

What is Ozone Layer and why it is depleted?

Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is founded in southernmost regions of the stratosphere. Stratosphere is the layer above an important layer (troposphere). This layer was founded in 1913 by two physicists – Henri Buisson and Charles Fabry. It is this layer that protects Earth from sun’s harmful UV rays. But, now this layer is being depleted more and more. Most of the dangerous ultraviolet rays reaches the 7 continents and lead to loss of plant, animal and bird species. Not only in human beings, but skin cancer and cataract also occur in animals because of sun’s UV rays. The harmful effects of ozone depletion have even lead to complete loss of biodiversity. Bromine and chlorine are the two specific gases that lead to ozone depletion. These gases come from CFCS, halons, HFCs that are used in air-conditioners, fire extinguishers, aerosols, fertilizers, and coolants. And natural causes of ozone depletion include sunspots and volcanic depletion. Due to the increase of different man-made activities, ozone depletion has increased by 5% in the last decade. The ozone hole has even lead to melting of glaciers in some countries.

What is Global Warming and why it occurs?

Global Warming

The warming of Earth’s atmosphere is known as global warming. The process in which several greenhouse gases such as nitrogen, carbon mono dioxide, chlorine, methane, etc. combine to heat the world is known as global warming. The sun absorbs these greenhouse gases and increases the temperature by several degrees.  By the term greenhouse effect, we mean the process when the Earth’s temperature reaches above the freezing point. Once the gases enter the atmosphere, they remain there for years and even decades. Nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide are three common gases that contribute to global warming. The most common reason behind global warming includes burning of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. Another reason is the cutting of trees and removing vegetation. This process is commonly called deforestation. Moreover, the use of fertilizers that produce nitrous oxide and air pollution lead to global warming.

Is Ozone Hole a Reason For Global Warning?

ozone layer affect on global warming

Strictly speaking, ozone hole does not contribute a lot to global warming. Nevertheless, ozone uses the sun’s ultraviolet radiations for providing energy. But, this heat accounts very less i.e., (only 1%) in the total solar energy that reaches out atmosphere. So, the reaching of UV rays from Sun can be described as a particular cause for global warming. These are the activities like deforestation, burning of fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, etc., using of fertilizers and throwing non-biodegradable products in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. So, it is necessary to neglect these activities for avoiding global warming.Continue reading to also know more about success tips for engineering students.


You do not need to mistaken global warming with ozone depletion. The ozone layer, a particular layer present in stratosphere helps in avoiding harmful ultraviolet radiations. CFCs and other chemical compounds contribute to ozone depletion and thereby lead to loss of plants, wildlife, and even entire biodiversity. Global warming can be defined as the increase of the average Earth’s temperature. You need to limit the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation activities for preventing global warming. It is not the ozone hole that contributes to global warming, but it is the use of fertilizers, burning of fossil fuels that lead to global warming.

Is Doing MBA After Engineering Worth It?

India has always been big on education. In this country we value education so much that we try to get as qualified as possible, even if the qualification isn’t in our best interest. Parents pretty much decide for their children, which career path they are going to chose before they can barely walk. India has produced more doctors, engineers and accountants than all the developing countries combined. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but I bet it isn’t too far from the truth. The point is that we try and chose the safest career path, or that which is in high demand without stepping back to see whether it’s compatible with our aptitude or whether it even makes any real career sense.

mbaThe year 2013-2014 saw the largest boom in B-schools in the country with the development of at least 1500 new business schools since 2009-10. The new schools plus the pre-existing schools brings the number of total b-schools in the country up to 4500. So, what is the reason for this enormous and staggering growth of b-schools in the country? Well, is it none other than the MBA fad. Almost every young kid who graduates college in this country looks to do an MBA in the hope of getting higher pay and giving a boost to his career. But, perhaps the leading reason for this high spurt in b-schools in the country in recent years, are the hundreds and thousands of engineering students who are opting to pursue a Masters in Business Administration degree in the hopes of broadening their career options.

The big question remains, it is truly worthwhile and beneficial for engineering students to pursue an MBA? There is no unanimous answer that speaks for all students, rather the answer depends on the individual’s interests and goals. We will get to this in a minute, but the reality still remains that lot s if IITians as well as technical students do opt for the MBA after completing their degrees. It makes sense for a B.Tech student to complete an MBA, since the degree complements their technical training, however, does it apply to the larger pool of engineering students.

An MBA prepares a student for the world of business. The course is designed to hone the students business skills, such as preparing plans, pitching ideas, building connections, giving presentations and learning to think critically and logically about every business decision. It is a whole different ball game when compared with engineering training and skill development.

Engineers with a Business mind

For those individuals who wish to develop a business around their technical training or a product they have developed, the MBA makes complete sense. In fact, the degree puts then becomes invaluable as it teaches the student how to go about starting a business or how to go into partnership. It short it provides the student with the skills and knowledge or running a successful business venture.

Read more : Success tips for engineering student.

Engineers looking to climb the ranks of their Company

An MBA not only helps a student acquire better pay, but it also helps them secure better management positions in the company. Engineers who have done their MBA are certainly better candidates for managerial positions than those that have not. Employers naturally promote people who exhibit superior managerial skills to higher posts, which is what an MBA provides.

career-after-engg prospective-student

Broader Career Options

Finally, there are several students who simply have no real interest of pursuing a technical degree. They completed their engineering, either out of compulsion, or because in hindsight they thought it was the best move to make. For these students, an MBA in Finance or economics provides good traction towards pursuing an all together different career. In this manner, many students can opt for a new career path and use their technical skills wherever they apply to make better progress.

What is pan card and how to get it?

Permanent Account Number doesn’t come with loads of advantages. However, it has rather become a legal compulsion by the income tax department to have one if you are engaged in the financial transaction in India or you are a tax payer.


The need for PAN card is as follows:

  • A PAN card act as a legal, valid laminated proof of identity which exhibits your status.
  • You will need this card if you file tax.
  • It is compulsory to have a PAN if you are involved in any investment or financial transactions.
  • If you want to start a business, you need to get it.
  • At the time of buying or selling an immovable property or open bank account, Demat account.
  • At the time of remittances to ret of the world, you will need a PAN.
  • You will need it while seeking for mortgages or loan.
  • For buying automobile
  • At the time of depositing cash in others bank account.

The readers ask us about the way to see the PAN address through a pancard tracking. The method to do so is very easy, however; it is to be done by the respective cardholder himself. Any other person may misuse it for unfair means. Or it is to be done by the other person after getting the permission.

What is the difference between a PAN number and a PAN card?

The distinction depends on the use of it. The PAN number is used at the time of filing tax whereas the PAN card doesn’t perform such task. The PAN card is just a laminated physical outlook of PAN. Instead of giving the original copy one must provide the photocopy of the same while opening a bank account, current account, savings account or a Demat account. For forgoing any financial transaction, it is enough to have a PAN. You can easily trade worldwide easily. It has made the transactions easier and dynamic as compared to the early time which was limited and complex. It has bought accountability, visibility plus justice to the tax payers. Is helps a lot in keeping a systematic record of economic transactions in India within a domestic territory.


What is the need of PAN address?

The PAN address is used when you want to make alterations in PAN data or when you want to refund income tax. To know your PAN addresses, you will need to get registered at This website enables you to carry on the work of income tax return online. You need to note down or remember the data which you entered while registering as it will also be used further. You can do the same through some other PAN by simply transferring the password. Steps to go through the same are as follows:

Step One: Visit the website: and select the Register button.

(It is advised to the readers to not to use the Google Chrome Browser for this process)

Step two: on the next screen fill your Permanent Account Number and then click the option naming ‘click me.’

Step three: after this fill your name, date of birth, phone number, residential address and email address. Make sure the information uploaded is correct. Double check the spellings.

Step Four: Now a confirmation email message will pop on the screen, and an email will be sent to your concerned email address. You need to open the mail and activate the account.

Step five: now you will fill your password and pan according to the login details at the given website.

Step Six: after this click on my account and then go to Update Phone and email

Step seven: the address will now be available as per the PAN data base. Continue reading to know more about Success tips for Engineering.


I hope that the readers find the article informative and helpful. We would highly appreciate if you comment or suggest on our article. Read our other articles on PAN CARD also to know how to apply online for the PAN CARD in simple steps.

5 Success Tips for Engineering Students

It is not an easy task to become a successful engineer. You need to learn a lot before selecting one specific engineering degree branch. Right from the schooling, you need to be pretty much intelligent. Intelligence is required in all professions, but engineering course requires more skills and information.

Engineering success

Do you know that which specific goals you can achieve by selecting engineering career? The only admission in better engineering institute is not enough, but you have to complete the 4-year engineering degree with utmost sincerity and diligence. If you still do not have knowledge about engineering benefits, read this article and acquire 5 success tips that can be achieved by selecting engineering profession.


How To Become a Successful Engineer?

A person needs to follow specific tips for acquiring success in any particular profession. Whether a person runs a small shop or work in big MNC Company, he/she must carry out different tactics for growing his/her profession. Below are some tactics through a student can become a successful engineer:

  1. Hard Work – You must have heard of a popular quotation “Hard work is the key to success.” Therefore, a student needs to work pretty hard right from his/her schooling. However if he/she had spent his/her schooling in other activities, he/she could start again from the first year of engineering. If a student got an admission in reputed engineering institute, then he/she needs to make every use of that opportunity. He/she needs to attend specific workshops and seminars conducted by professionals. Along with the regular studies, if a student participates in seminars he/she can acquire a lot of skills. I know that engineering subjects do not provide many benefits, but they still offer particular hard work habit. By consistently studying the engineering subjects for longer periods, students acquire a habit of working continuously for larger durations as required by the IT companies.
  2. Make Better Relationships – After taking admissions in decent engineering colleges, firstly the students should look for some good friends. They should make friends that have good habits. Whether it is about the behavior, it is about academics or it is about sports, the friends must be good in all these. By having good friends, you can take help of understanding difficult topics and perform well in your studies. You can also spend time in playing sports whenever you not feel stressed and does not want to study more. Secondly, you need to make better relationships with the professors or teachers. If you have good relationships with the professors, you would feel free and ask more questions for learning more about particular topics. Have a specific relationship with the teachers that you would look them as your good friends. Professors would also feel elated after seeing your attention about various topics of engineering subjects.
  3. Attend Personality Development Classes – Some students also face stress and pressure problems during some difficult engineering sessions. In that cases, they need to spend time in particular personality development classes. In these particular classes, students not only alleviate the stress and pressure but also acquire other skills. Particular yoga and other exercises strengthen body muscles and tone the feet and the core. Students can make very attractive body shape by attending particular personality development classes routinely. Last, P.D classes offer the great amount of efficiency for performing various questions and numerical of engineering subjects.
  4. Learn Extra Courses – Along with the regular engineering course, a student also needs to attend other courses for acquiring more skills. He/she can attend the design classes through which he/she can represent the information in a better way. Also, students would enhance their communication skills by engaging in extra courses. Students need to learn about other branches other than their specific trade for acquiring more benefits later in their engineering career.
  5. Learn from Your Mistakes – Every person does a massive number of mistakes during his/her lifetime. Students in the engineering practical classes make mistakes while working with various chemicals and materials. You need to realize that mistakes are the important part of the life. If a person would not do mistake how he/she can learn more about a specific thing. The benefit of mistakes only comes when anyone learn from it and never repeat it. Students need to learn from their mistakes and show better results in their future. Continue reading to know more about Scope of MBA after engineering.


A student needs to follow some particular strategies for becoming a successful engineer. Right from the first year of engineering, candidates should work pretty hard. They need to make stronger relationships with friends and professors. Learn other courses along with specific engineering subjects. Learn from your mistakes during four-year engineering degree and acquire a better engineering job.

Top 4 Engineering Courses

Every candidate wants to take select specific engineering trade that provides maximum benefits. Candidates want to enter into the professional environment as early as they can. From past few years, education boards have brought the tremendous amount of change in engineering courses and branches. You can opt for engineering after doing your diploma as well. You can get lateral entry admission in some of the selected colleges across the country. Make sure you make a wise decision while choosing the college as per your requirement. We can say that modern day engineering course is completely different from older days engineering degree. In comparison to previous 8 engineering subjects, now students need to avail good marks in 5 specific subjects for becoming a better engineer.

Now, candidates do pretty much of research for making a decision about particular engineering branch. They talk with various teachers, engineering professionals and elders for selecting the specific engineering trade. Also, they spend the huge amount of time on the internet for enquiring about various engineering courses. Finally, they select the engineering branch by considering their scope. Making a choice is very difficult task because your entire career is dependent on that and thus you must focus what is correct and you should make your choice accordingly. Location of the engineering college is also very important because if the college is near to your location and you can visit the campus in some time then you can save lot of time and also money as you don’t have to stay in a hostel. Everyone would be knowing that five years back, electronics branch had a very wider scope. But, these days, hardly 3 or 4 electronics students get decent jobs in MNCs. Read this article and know about top 4 courses offered by recognised engineering institutes.

  1. Mechanical Engineering


Do you know that from where you get specific cars, scooters and other automobiles?

These are the mechanical engineers that design wonderful Mercedes, Volvo buses, Engines and thousands of automobiles. In the 4-year mechanical engineering course, most common subjects that candidates study are

  • Theory of Machines
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Machine Design
  • Production Engineering
  • Electrical Machine
  • Materials Science
  • Industrial Drafting

Almost all engineering institutes offer the mechanical engineering course. Few years ago, a new engineering course known as mechatronics was founded by the educational board. This course was invented by combining the subjects from mechanical and electronics degree. There would be no industry that does not require mechanical engineers. If you want to acquire more benefits, you need to follow postgraduate courses also along with the regular 4-year mechanical course. The mechanical engineering course offers massive job opportunities.

2. Civil Engineering


This engineering discipline is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the physical and natural environment. Civil engineers construct specific roads, dams, bridges and buildings. Here a candidate focuses on

  • Structural Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Transport Engineering

Specific universities offer different patterns in civil engineering courses. The basic purpose of this course is to develop particular development skills among the candidates. By working on real systems, candidate acquires the huge sense of creativity and contribute huge towards the development of the society. By completing this 4-year engineering course, candidates can serve as

  • Site Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Chief Engineer
  • Infrastructure Management Firms
  • Resource Management Officer

Both government and private sectors offer a large number of job opportunities for decent civil engineers. Indian Railways, NHAI, NGOs, Reality firms, Municipal Corporations are the major civil engineering hiring companies.

  1. Software Engineering


Third popular course offered by engineering institutes is software engineering course. The software engineer does the designing, programming and developing the application of computer and other electronic devices. In this four-year engineering course, candidates learn particular computer languages, popular computer applications and testing tools for validating software. Particular software engineer also does the development and mantainence of all the computer resources. Engineering institutes teach the software engineering in two specific branches

  • Computer Science Branch
  • Information Technology Branch

A better software engineer has the huge level of scope in this 21st century. If we compare various companies that visit engineering institutes for placement, we would see that most of the companies are IT companies. Nowadays, every candidate opts for this specific engineering course. The current trend is the trend of software engineers.

4. Electronics and Communication Engineering


Electronics and communication course is still considered as a popular engineering course. In this four year engineering course candidates acquire in-depth knowledge of various electronics and communication devices. The most common ECE subjects that a student study under the four-year engineering program are

  • Analog Devices and Circuits
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Network Analysis and Synthesis
  • Optical Fibre Communication
  • Wireless and Communication System
  • Digital Electronics

Few years back, it was estimated that an electronics and communication engineer can get job in any other fields. The reason for so many job opportunities for an electronics engineer is specific subjects concerned with all type of popular professions. Some of the leading colleges in Electronics and Communication engineering is Chitkara University, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay  Here you can also read about success tips for engineering student.


Out of various courses, a recognised institute must be offering top 4 engineering courses and branches. . Mechanical engineering course explains the candidate about designing, manufacturing and maintaining of various automobiles and engines. In the four year civil engineer course, candidates learn about structural engineering, disaster assessment and computer aided design. A Huge amount of job opportunities are offered by the companies for decent software engineers. Another popular engineering course is the electronics and communication engineering course.